A stunning set of TV idents for Hyundai’s biggest ever UK sponsorship. Cowboys, UFOs, dinosaurs and more.



In what was the brand’s largest ever sponsorship deal in the UK, Hyundai became the sponsor of Film on 4 in 2021. They wanted to showcase their recently launched new electric car, IONIQ 5, to help build awareness of the brand’s efforts to become a more sustainable manufacturer and a leader in the move to electrification. So, they looked to us to craft a series of eye-catching TV idents for the campaign.

Our idea was to focus on IONIQ 5’s built-in Vehicle-to-Load technology, which allows the car to charge or even power other equipment using its own battery, to bring the medium of film to life. We plugged a film projector into the car, waited for nightfall, and then cast scenes inspired by different film genres onto the street-lit walls of Manchester and Liverpool.

All the scenes were captured in camera and enhanced in post-production. The cinematic feel was completed by the music, which was composed by Mercury Award-nominated Anna Meredith.


From our perspective, these are the most elegant and rewarding idents we’ve produced to date – and we’ve done more than our fair share in our time. From a cowboy cantering along the road, to a flying saucer landing down the side of a tower block, the eye-catching spots brought the magic of cinema to life through the clever application of the vehicle’s technology, and it was a pleasure to create them.

As the campaign is ongoing, final results are yet to come in, but interim survey results suggest it’s working well. Measurement of awareness of the campaign and of the Hyundai brand is positive and we’ve seen other leaps in the rankings in multiple areas. In particular, the survey indicates that Hyundai is now seen as a leader in electric vehicles, and a more sustainable brand than people had first thought.

And with projections like that, the future for Hyundai looks bright.