NFL players are some of the most athletic sportsmen in the world. They go through extensive training to be faster, stronger, better. But can they handle the extreme conditions every Hyundai car is tested in?
    This question was at the heart of our 2017 NFL sponsorship brief. So, we did what we know best. We delivered Put To The Test, an integrated campaign that revolved around a series of challenges in Hyundai’s own testing environment.
    Firstly, we invited Jason Bell, former star Cornerback for the New York Giants, to compete with Hyundai’s i20 coupe on the skid pan, a custom-made surface on which a car’s handling is pushed to the limit.
    Then we challenged him to take the ultimate IQ test whilst withstanding the climate chamber’s sub-zero temperatures. His nemesis – the Hyundai Santa Fe, packed with automatic climate control, heated seats and an innovative defogging system.
    Jason’s final challenge was the wind tunnel that simulates the conditions a car would encounter when driven forwards. He had to try to prove he’s more aerodynamic than the All-New i30 N.
    Needless to say, everyone had a good laugh at Jason’s expense. And the final score? Hyundai 3, Jason 0.